#VoicesforPeace Live Fundraising Appeal

In aid of the humanitarian efforts in Gaza - Support and Donate NOW

All the money raised from this fundraiser will go towards humanitarian efforts supporting the innocent families and individuals who have tragically lost so much through this crisis. Those affected are in desperate need for food, water and medical supplies, as well as fuel, shelter, and hygiene items. As part of this, we must emphasise the message of His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be his Helper), whose call for peace and prayers has resounded across the world. The need for #VoicesforPeace is more crucial than ever before


Please donate securely via Justgiving by clicking on the ‘DONATE NOW’ button above

The donations will be shared across several humanitarian agencies that are currently endeavouring to support the humanitarian efforts of the crisis in Gaza

We will be working with affiliated charity organisations to ensure the donations will categorically be supporting the humanitarian efforts in Gaza – in situations whereby there is delay in the support reaching the civilians, nonetheless once such barriers are lifted the donations will make incredible difference to those devastatingly impacted by the crisis

MKA UK continues to support humanitarian relief efforts across the world, working alongside our charity partners to provide aid to those who most need it.

In recent history, MKA UK donated over £40,000 to support the provision of clean drinking water to those living in Gaza, thus benefitting over 12,000 people. For the current crisis, MKA UK has already raised over £75,000 to support relief efforts for innocent civilians impacted by the crisis.

No! Feel free to make as big of a donation as you wish, every single contribution will make a massive impact!

Currently, with the ongoing challenges that currently exist, the quickest and easiest method of support is providing financial aid to this crisis 

The donation link is LIVE! You can donate before, during, and after the fundraiser to help support this vital cause

Watch our Live Fundraiser below:

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