MKA UK Sadqa Appeal 2023

Every Year MKA UK supports an important charity or cause as part of the Sadqa Appeal. This year the MKA UK 2023 Sadqa Appeal is supporting the Humanity First Türkiye and Syria Appeal + the Humanity First Masroor Centre for Health in Ivory Coast.

How much should I give?

Giving Sadqa is a very personal matter so it is really up to you how much you can give. But we want to encourage as many people as possible to give in one of the following three categories:

  1. £500 or more
  2. £100 or more
  3. £50 or more

Last year the biggest single donation was £1000! There are more suggested amounts below for the two respective appeals.

If you would like to donate to your regional page then select below or simply donate to the central page.

Türkiye and Syria Appeal

The deadly earthquake that struck Türkiye and Syria in February 2023 has left many people devastated and without shelter, food and clean water. Since the earthquake was first reported, Humanity First has been working on the ground in coordination with local authorities to provide urgent humanitarian aid. So we urge you to give generously to make a real impact and help the local communities rebuild their lives.

  • £500 to rehouse a family

    A £500 donation will help rehouse a family from a tent to a permanent structured accommodation.

  • £250 to support and orphan through school

    A £250 donation will help support and orphan in school for a year, supporting costs for books, materials and other basic support.

Humanity First Masroor Centre for Healthcare

MKA UK pledge to fund the Intensive Care Unit : £75k

Target: £75k for an ICU
Raised last year: £35k

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in any hospital provides critical care to some of the most seriously ill patients who require close monitoring. The ICU in this hospital will be a 4 bedded ICU for medical and surgical needs. By raising money for this important part of the hospital, you can make a real difference in many peoples lives. Due to your fantastic efforts last year, we have raised £35k so far which has already gone towards the construction of the hospital. We need to raise another £40k as the remainder of our target.

It is easy to take for granted what it means to have access to healthcare, so give generously as every pound you donate goes a long way to help provide sustainable and affordable healthcare to the local people of Abidjan.



One of the reasons we love this project so much is the Sustainable Development element of this project:

  1. Environment – Humanity First are aiming to build this hospital using sustainable techniques to ensure a minimal carbon footprint, and the careful consideration of natural light and green spaces in the design of the hospital.
  2. Social Equity – the project aims to empower local communities, by creating employment and training opportunities and providing healthcare to all people irrespective of a persons religious beliefs, ethnicity, or background.
  3. Economic sustainability – the aim of the hospital is to be financially independent so that it can fund itself without further support once launched.

These three elements mean that your donation will have a long-lasting impact for many, many years to come, inshaAllah.

Donate a Brick scheme

The Hospital will feature a donor wall where your chosen message will be displayed. So please let us know if you donate any of these amounts below and we will pass your details to Humanity First.


Projects such as this can be life changing or even life saving to people who do not have access to the everyday healthcare services we may take for granted. The Nasir Hospital in Guatemala, the previous hospital built by Humanity First, was inaugurated by Huzoor Aqdas (aba) on 23rd October 2018. In its first two years, it has already performed 400 surgeries and seen more than 17,000 patients receive care that is unprecedented for this area. The Masroor Centre for Healthcare will be a similar facility with 22 beds covering an area of 3000m2. Imagine the impact your donation can make to the thousands of lives who will benefit from this hospital, inshaAllah.

You can track all the latest updates on the construction of the hospital on twitter by clicking here.

If you would like to donate to your regional page then select below or simply donate to the central page.

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