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Mercy4Mankind Africa School Challenge

Sign up and be part of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK's 1st Charity Challenge event in Africa!

MKA UK is holding its first Mercy4Mankind Charity Challenge event abroad in Republic of Guinea at the end of April 2024! The Majlis aims to continue its efforts in building new schools across the world. A small team of volunteers will be selected to help raise the funds needed in building the school as well as visiting the country in order to see first-hand the impact of their fundraising! As part of the visit, we will be holding a 10km Charity Challenge event, which will mimic the walk a child makes on a daily basis just to go to school.


All individuals who sign up will have their application processed. Upon selection and approval, you will be part of this initiative and will be expected to help raise the funds of building a new school! Each individual will have a target of raising £2,500 prior to visiting the country 

The country chosen for this project is the Republic of Guinea, situated in West Africa. The country is bordered with neighbouring countries Sierra Leone and Guinea-Bissau.

Conkary is the capital city of this French-speaking country, located on the coast line of the country. 

Despite known concerns/risks associated with travelling to Sub-Sahara Africa, the organising committee will be carefully observing all safety protocols to ensure the trip remains as safe/secure as possible throughout the journey. 

All individuals who’ll be part of the trip must self-finance the cost of their flight, visa and health requirements

The cost of accommodation, transportation and food during the trip will be covered by our charity partner, Humanity First

The trip will involve a 7-day schedule, which include:

  • Visit to the village area where the school will be built.
  • Active opportunities to volunteer our time/support within the area with the locals
  • Partake in the Charity Challenge activity
  • Some brief sight-seeing opportunities within the country

All individuals must comply to the health requirements as stated by the UK Foreign Travel Advice authorities.

This would include requisites such as having a Yellow fever vaccine, as well as undergoing preventative treatment methods for malaria

The current plan for the trip is scheduled to be 22nd to 28th April, thus approximately for 7 days

We endeavour to go together as a team, therefore there is little room for flexibility in terms of dates

The process of application is as follows:

  • Submit application of interest as referred to above
  • Processing of application, which will include a brief interview stage with applicant to confirm certain key requirements
  • Approval of applicant and submission of a signed authorisation letter detailing your commitment towards the trip

The dates and all relevant information has been posted on this website, therefore it is incredibly important that all individuals ensure to their utmost that no future barriers come in the way of your involvement with the trip

As part of signing an authorisation letter once your name has been approved, it will include the commitment to help raise £2,500 at minimum towards the project. This must be fulfilled irrespective of any eventualities that may cause a change in your availability to travel

Words of Wisdom

"The majority of our humanitarian projects are based in Africa. With the Grace of Allah, over the past eighty or ninety years, we have strived not only to bring the African people closer to Allah, but also to discharge the rights owed to the people of this great continent. It is in this spirit that our Jama’at has opened many schools in Africa..."

– Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (may Allah be His Helper)

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