5K + 10K Run/Walk

Tilford Village Fundraiser - 10K

Tilford Village Green

Sunday 25 September 22 | 10AM

Race Results

Male 10K

1Yasser Khan00:41:52
2Paul Rose00:42:01
3James Burnard00:43:54
4Nicholas White00:44:40
5George Turner00:44:48
6Richard Squire00:44:54
7Alex Clements00:44:58
8Attaul Tariq 00:45:40
9James Blandford00:48:20
10Adeel Ahmad00:50:50
11Mark Livingstone00:51:15
12Saud Anwar00:52:02
13Gavin Bishop00:52:14
14Sultan Munir00:53:24
15Saeed Rafiq00:54:18
16Hamed Zahid 00:57:39
17Sajid Zahid00:57:45
18Sajid Bhatti00:59:45
19Azan Raja 00:59:46
20John Stock01:01:17
21Paul Davies01:02:43
22James Elkins01:02:51
23Yasir Khan01:06:20
24Meer Nizamuddin01:38:10
25Meer Arifeen Pervaiz01:38:18

Female 10K

1Ellen van der Velden00:51:24
2Lara Kimgwell00:54:39
3Gemma Whitehouse00:56:59

Children 5K

1Eiqaan Ahmad00:23:15
2Barnaby Law00:27:08
3Rayan Ahmad00:27:11
4ari babbington00:28:23
5Zeeshan Tariq 00:29:05
6Eiqaan Ahmad00:31:09
7Aitzaz Ahmed00:42:18
8Sariah Tariq 00:42:41
9Safaa Yaris00:42:44
10Fareeha Tariq00:45:04
11dester lee00:47:41
12Jesper Lee00:48:16
13Affan Khan00:52:53
14Faris cheema00:54:16
15danial haroon00:54:54
16Ahmad Rehman00:54:59
17Aaiza Muzafar01:02:23
18Saleha Ahmad 001:04:41
19Masroor Amjad01:05:22
20Rabbah-Ud-Din amjad01:05:58
21Danish Ahmad01:16:24
22Noah Khan01:36:24
23Tahir hameed01:37:07

Adult 5K

1Nick Jacobs00:21:58
2Robert SholtoDouglas 00:23:21
3Farooq Ahmad00:24:07
4Andrew Reid00:25:20
5Monty Windsor00:25:51
6Sajeel Ahmed00:27:15
7Danish Malik00:27:35
8Zac Windsor00:27:37
9Steve Windsor00:27:40
10Nargaret Stock00:28:00
11Rachel Allen00:28:01
12Olivia Babbington00:28:24
13Tom babbington00:28:43
14Annalise Brooks00:29:21
15kristian Watling 00:29:38
16Clare Bucton00:29:38
17Rachel Harris00:29:52
18Charlotte Whitaker00:30:37
19Simon Law00:30:45
20Kristen Sholto-Douglas00:31:07
21Kirsten Forrester00:31:29
22Kirsty Kenney00:31:36
23ehsanul hyee00:33:31
24Muneef Yasir00:38:52
25Amish Khan00:42:37
26Shahbaz Mehmood00:44:48
27Shahbaz Mehmood Ahmed 00:44:51
28Len Fleming00:45:22
29William Mathias00:45:47
30Yo. Green00:46:03
31Haris Malik00:48:03
32Debra Lee00:48:18
33Annabel Turner00:50:08
34Jack Hallas00:50:17
35muhammad naeemuddin00:50:36
36Kulsoom Buabeng00:50:41
37shukat parveen00:50:48
38Burhan Sharaf00:51:12
39Sahir jameel shahid00:51:14
40Wendy Livingstone00:51:17
41Muhammad junaid Raza00:51:20
42Suleman Sharaf00:51:25
43Jane Mathias00:51:29
44Sajil Shahid00:52:01
45Ishaque Buabelg00:52:12
46Sohail Ahmad00:52:14
47Sabir Riaz00:52:17
48Keith Smith00:52:19
49Derek Clements00:52:57
50Masooq Ahmad00:53:51
51Hibba waheed00:54:37
52Jamie Teale00:54:41
53Bob Mathias00:54:42
54Zubaidah Farid00:55:16
55Nazhat Ahmedi00:56:11
56Dorthe Quelch00:56:22
57Atifa Ahmad00:56:26
58Daanyaal Chaudry00:57:16
59Nick Makemson01:02:36
60Zeeshan Ahmad01:05:57
61Abdul Wasay 01:06:00
62Hasoor Bhatti 01:06:03
63Shumail Ahmad01:06:07
64Hazik rahman01:09:38
65Vladyslav Synytskyi01:10:47
66attiatul shahnaz01:17:37
67abdul hameed01:37:05
68Ghazala Abbasi 01:37:18

Please do not park on the surrounding roads. The parking for the event is on the bend of Tilford Road, marked on the image below:

All Saints Church in Tilford is a central part of the Tilford community but is in need of urgent repairs to the roof of this beautiful grade II listed parish Church. Join us on Sunday 25 September for a sponsored 10k or 5k run/walk so we can raise money together for the repairs. The event is open to people of all ages and all abilities.

Individual Race

There are two race options available, to cater for people of all ages and abilities. There will be prizes for the winner in every category:

  • 10K
  • 5K
Team Race

As well as enter the individual race, you can also enter as a team of 4, where each runner takes part in the 10K route and we will track the cumulative time of all 4 runners in the team. This is a great way to get your friends and colleagues involved! To register yourself as a team use the registration form below.

The Tilford Village Fundraiser 10K is a great way for the community to come together for an important cause. By fundraising for this event your funds will go towards the repair of All Saints Church, Tilford. The event is open to people of all abilities and ages, and will be a fully marshalled event.

  • Free t-shirt for all participants
  • Medals for all finishers
  • Prizes for race winners

On the green itself we will have funfair activities and food stalls so you have the perfect way to unwind with your friends and family after the event. All money raised will go towards the Church.

The race will start at 10:30AM. To ensure you don’t miss the start of the race please arrive by 10AM to ensure you register on time.

  • Registration: 10:00
  • Race Start: 10:30
  • Prize Awards: 12:45
  • Funfair Close: 16:30

A lunch (consisting of Pasta Chicken) will be provided after the race.

Thank you to all the local businesses that have pledged their support towards the event:

If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact us on: [email protected]. You will have your logo promoted across our website, social media content and on view on our large screen on the day of the event!

How to fundraise

Create a JustGiving Page with the following link (a new window will open). Just follow the simple instructions and this will create your very own fundraising page that you can share with your friends and family.

  1. Click on the button below to open the JustGiving website where it will take you through creating your very own fundraising page.
  2. Create a new login or login to your existing JustGiving Account.
  3. Create a name for your JustGiving page (eg john-smith-22 so your fundraising page will be www.justgiving.com/fundraising/john-smith-22).
  4. Click on the button Create your page and you are all set to go! You can personalise your page further in the JustGiving website.

How to register

Once you have created your JustGiving Page, signup for the event using the form below (if the form does not display or you have trouble viewing it then click here to open in a separate page).

There is a £10 registration fee which is payable on the day, but this will be waived for anyone raising £100 or over for the event!

(Registration close)

If you have any questions or feedback then please do not hesitate to contact us now on [email protected].

Event Information

£10 / Registration
  • Registration waived for anyone who has raised £100 or over
  • Sunday 25 September 2022
  • 10AM
  • Tilford Village Green
  • Suggested Target £150


Thank you to all the local businesses that have pledged their support towards the event:

If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact us on: [email protected]. You will have your logo promoted across our website, social media content and on view on our large screen on the day of the event!



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